Hey, I'm Kim.

Currently a User Experience Architect working at a healthcare technology company in Chicago; I'm interested in a collaborative design process that creates products with a "do good" mentality.


A bit about me...

girl in a bow tie with a person holding a mushroom in the foreground

As the city-slicker working at an agricultural media company for over five years, I learned pretty quickly that the key to success was to take the time to know your audience. In my role there as a digital customer success manager, it was my job to not only listen to our advertising clients and understand their goals, but also to empathize with the farmers reading our site. Doing this helped me effectively craft digital campaigns that satisfied our clients' needs while engaging our audience.

As a UX designer, my goal is to do the same thing: understanding and empathizing with the needs of real humans, and then crafting an experience that anticipates and elevates—all while fitting into a larger business strategy.

In my spare time, I make music as a singer-songwriter and with my band. I also thoroughly enjoy bow-ties and following Wikipedia rabbit-holes about things I encounter in my day-to-day life.