Hey, I'm Kim.

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I'm a UX Designer from Chicago with 5+ years of healthcare and 3+ years of SaaS experience. I'm interested in a collaborative design process that creates products with a "do good" mentality.

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A two year multi-method design project
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Creating a digital registration process
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A bit about me...

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As the city-slicker working at an agricultural media company for over five years, I learned pretty quickly that the key to success was to take the time to know your audience through listening and empathy.

As a UX designer, my goal is to do the same thing: understanding and empathizing with the needs of real humans, and then crafting an experience that anticipates and elevates—all while fitting into a larger business strategy. In the last 5 years, I've gained experience across the healthcare industry (including specialty pharmacy, insurance, and healthcare finance) and have worked with complexity in a SaaS environment. I pride myself on my ability to quickly learn and apply new subject matter for successful product outcomes.

In my spare time, I make music as a singer-songwriter and with my band. I also thoroughly enjoy bow-ties and following Wikipedia rabbit-holes about things I encounter in my day-to-day life.